Installer Link for Remote 365 Conversions

We are using LogMeIn RescueAssist to do our remote sessions

1) Please Go to the Computer / Computers that have access to the files that we need to move to 365

-or type this link onto the computer we need to install remote access on for the file conversion

2) Please click the link on the top of this page you will then you will be taken to this page asking you to "Download" the LogMeIn_RescueAssistant"

Below is an example of what this download process looks like

3) After the download completes, please run this installer

4) Once this is complete we will have access to your system to help with the conversion to 365

-NOTE: either over the phone or email if you can provide


-Username (if you use one)



**this will allow us the access to get onto the system in the event the screen locks**

Phone: 1 (920) 340.3060

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