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Simply Better IT for Small Orgs

Is your IT complex and time-consuming?  Is it draining valuable time from your primary role?  Do you struggle with poor IT service or finding the correct solution or vendors for all your systems (phone, copier, cloud, mobile, internet, etc.)?

If any of the above is familiar, you are not alone, as most small organizations struggle with technology. However, our approach is unique and will significantly reduce your technical issues, downtime, and stress while being very budget-friendly.

About Us

Bartel Technology Enterprises, LLC is unique to the NE Wisconsin IT space.  Our focus on preventative service keeps our client's systems running smoothly and eliminates most unnecessary downtime and business disruptions, all while often saving them money.  We also provide executive-level consulting services to help you better plan for, budget and manage your whole technology infrastructure from phones to copiers to security.  With Bartel Tech you experience enterprise-level IT at price built for SMB.

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